About Us

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Diana Gubbay Pattern Shift Founder

“My own path towards fulfillment of life’s purpose is keenly aligned in the creation of Pattern Shift.

There is an urgent need now for us to unleash our fuller creative potential in an era shadowed by unprecedented global challenges.

I am fascinated by recent developments in particle physics that suggest that the “dark matter” of the universe  is a matrix of flexible potential waiting to be actualized according to our intention.

We are living in a highly creative time with new models  emerging around the globe that reflect our inter-relatedness — economically, ecologically, socially and politically – reflecting the reality that we are all, truly, connected. As we heal we contribute to healing the larger whole.”

Pattern Shift is an evolution from Diana’s sixteen years as a homeopath in a busy holistic family practice and as teacher, lecturer and clinical supervisor training homeopaths. She is a graduate of the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies and is certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She has traveled to England, Europe and India to enhance her training with internationally known teachers. Prior to her work in the field of holistic health, Diana earned BFA and MFA degrees and worked in many mediums as an artist, exhibiting her work throughout North America.

Diana has raised two children. She and her husband divide their time between Manhattan and Bethel, CT.