Pattern Shift Sessions

Pattern Shift sessions are available for adults and businesses. The first meeting is two hours to establish a clear picture of what needs to be healed. Subsequent sessions last one hour at weekly or bi-weekly intervals.

First, a safe place is established for a deep exploration of what is stuck. The intention is to observe, without prejudice, the patterns that run through apparently unconnected events, stories, symptoms. Dreams are also recorded and explored. Spontaneous expressions, physical gestures,and the juxtaposition of phrases that reveal unexpected connections coalesce to reveal patterns that repeat “globally”. There will be surprises.

Techniques of active listening and homeopathic reflection provide a mirror for the totality that emerges. Several tools are available to support the shift towards greater flexibility and freedom, including individualized readings, texts, tasks, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the use of homeopathic remedies.

Rooted in a holistic health model, Pattern Shift sessions use an expanded “band width” for tuning to the individual patterns of each person or business.The meta view of over arching patterns is frequently experienced as a new vantage point for reflection, even for people/businesses that have experienced many kinds of therapies or coaching over several years.

As identified patterns become less rigid and more flexible, a sense of well-being, creativity and empowerment emerges.