The Power of Patterns

The patterns that affect our actions are not arbitrary; they are there for a reason. We have been imprinted with past experiences, the ghosts of which pull us, like puppets on a string.

The poet Annie Dillard says, “How we spend our lives is how we spend our days.” Too often, we are unable to live the days we wish we could. It feels like life is happening “to” us rather than being created “from” us.

Patterns of reaction and behavior that are not current pull us out of connection to our authentic core. Detached from imagination and intuition, we live with compromises that dull our sense of vitality. We forget how to play.

The patterns that hold us back are the best accommodation we have been able to make to life’s challenges. They have intelligence and adaptability, even if they limit and confine us too. Feelings of restlessness, fatigue, impatience, frustration, malaise, anxiety, and powerlessness may emerge personally, professionally and throughout the culture of a business as old patterns hold hostage our deeper creativity and the freedom to align goals, aspirations and actions.

Pattern Shift sessions bring light to these patterns.  Connections are made between  disparate and seemingly unrelated events and reactions, uncovering an underlying topography of patterns. Often, it is this obscured terrain that fuels decisions, actions — or lack of action — holding us back from living the life we long for in the deeper recesses of our being.