How extraordinary that each of us bears a pattern on our thumb that is unique in human history!

Pattern Shift is a synthesis of healing principles built on a foundation of holistic homeopathic philosophy. Four tenets form the core understanding of healing: (See the References page for more information)

We are unique beings.

While we share much in common with each other, there are aspects of our particular make up — our “patterning” — that are not shared by anyone else. Pattern Shift sessions help us to recover and discover our particular nature, catalyzing changes to shed what is stuck and no longer serving us. Freer, we can live aligned with that which is truly our own.

 “Like cures like” — Simillimum similibus curentur

This is a profound healing principle that has been known since the ancient Greeks. By going “with” the symptoms  of “dis-ease” a vital energy is roused within us to provoke a healing response. The use of homeopathic remedies can enhance this process.

Our symptoms do not exist in isolation; all our parts comprise one totality.

Deep healing cannot occur unless the entire person – their totality of symptoms — is taken into account. Our mental, emotional and physical symptoms are connected to a larger whole. Treatment of any symptom in isolation can result in local amelioration, but the person will not be better “within themselves”. In Pattern Shift’s holistic model, enhanced energy and a sense of well being should improve in the long term in tandem with the healing of any more specific aspect.

Minimum dose

The aim of Pattern Shift is to produce gentle, rapid and permanent improvement.  Pattern Shift sessions are the primary catalyst for this process.*


Note: Pattern Shift does not diagnose or treat mental, emotional or physical disease. Be sure to consult your medical doctor for any conditions you would like to have treated medically.